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Sante Dairy


  • Balanced combination of Vitamins and minerals that improve growth and milk production in animals.
  • Used both to overcome deficiency and to avoid deficiencies.
  • Safe and economic way to boost performance.
  • Accelerates development and bone structure in young animals
  • Improves fertility in animals.
  • Improves embryonic and fetal development.
  • Improve and boost the immunity system.


Dosage and Administration:

Cattle & Buffalo:       55-100 gm per animal daily

Sheep & Goat:           10-20 gm per animal daily

Price :



Ingredients Amount
Vitamin A 550,000 IU
Vitamin D3 90,000 IU
Vitamin E 1,000 mg
Zinc 4,000 mg
Manganese 3,000 mg
Copper 1,000 mg
Iodine 70 mg
Cobalt 40 mg
Selenium 15 mg

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