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Sante Yeast


  • It acts directly on the microflora of rumen and digestive tract. It increases the number  and activity of total bacteria. It improves the growth of Anaerobic, cellulosolytic bacteria.
  • Supports the development of bacteria using lactic acid.
  • Provides essential molecules for flora development.
  • Increase microbial mass.
  • Increase the pH of the rumen.
  • Provides more healthy papillae formation.
  • Facilitates elimination of lactic acid.
  • Increases the digestion of Cellulose.
  • Improves ration productivity.
  • Increase performance.

Dosage and Administration:

Sheep/Goat:              4-8 gm per head per day

Cattle/Buffalo:          10-20 gm per head per day

Horse:                           20-30 gm per head per day


1-2 kg per ton of feed

Price :



Ingredients Amount
Moisture 10.50 %
Protein 45.50%
Fiber 5.40%
Ash 3.40%
Fat 2.60 %

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25 kg